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A Smile Makeover ---- What is it?

It is called “smile design”, “cosmetic dentistry”,”smile makeover”, but the result is the same.  These procedures can turn a not so attractive smile into a beautiful one. 

The difference between average dental work and this is the amount of diagnosis, planning and attention to detail that the case requires from start to finish.

If you have ever watched a celebrity flash a gorgeous smile and wished you could have a smile like that, a smile makeover is the way to do it.

Sometimes the process is simpler than others, for example, a person with a bad bite and teeth severely out of place might require orthodontics (braces) before the porcelain work for optimum results.  So you can imagine that some smile design cases can get expensive!

But many cases can be done for e very reasonable fee, and the results can be outstanding!  Let me show you a case that only included the upper front teeth and was done in two parts. I’ll let you be the judge of the results, but the patient was thrilled.

The case involved a woman in her forties that had an unattractive smile due to teeth that were malformed, malpositioned, large deteriorated fillings and had grown at an angle, instead of straight up and down. You can see the appearance of her teeth in the picture below:


 Teeth Before Smile Design



Here is a short synopsis of the procedure:

The planning starts by taking records of the maxillary and mandibular (upper and lower) teeth and how they bite together, this includes radiographs (x-rays), models and photographs. Then I study the records and determine everything that needs to change to achieve the desired result.

A very important part of this process is a diagnostic wax up which is an artistic representation waxed and carved by hand of the final result.  Several other types of records must be sent to the laboratory to be able to correct the problems present such as a “stick bite” to get the correct inclination of the teeth.


Diagnostic wax-up model

        stick bite registration


The waxup also serves as a blueprint to fabricate the temporary restorations that will be placed in function while the laboratory creates the porcelain crowns.  The temporaries also allow the patient to observe the work in the mouth and have a very good idea of how the final crowns will look. 

Here is a look at the before and after pictures:


Before and After 


This case illustrates what can be done with very limited dental work (only six crowns), and the tremendous difference that a well planned and executed treatment can make.

If you would like to see more cosmetic dentistry cases, you are welcome to visit my website and view the photo gallery here. The pictures you will see are not stock pictures, they are pictures taken by me from my work on my patients.  If you are interested in this type of work, or have any questions, please call our office.  We are happy to help.


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