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West Palm Beach Implant Dentist Carlos Boudet, DDS, DICOI is trained to do both surgical and restorative phases of implant therapy for the convenience of his patients!

Dr Boudet is always striving to improve his knowledge and expertise in the field of implantology, and has received the status of Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the highest level of accreditation given by the world's largest implant organization.
If you are looking for an implant dentist in West Palm Beach, we can advise you and explain your options. Dr Boudet has extensive training in the surgical placement and restoration of implants, implant maintenance,and treating ailing and failing implants. Please call our office at (561)968-6022 for a complimentary personal consultation with Dr. Boudet. We believe a well informed patient is more likely to make the correct decisions about his or her implant options.

Here is a short video and some important questions about implants:

If you have questions about implants, implant related procedures such as bone grafts, or are considering having implants placed,
please call our office at (561) 968 6022 for a FREE consultation.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement and is generally made of Titanium or Titanium alloy. In the last fifteen years, the knowledge about implants,and the frequency with which they are recommended have increased greatly. Below you will find some basic information about implants. The great success rate of implants (over 95%) is due to a biological process called biointegration, through which bone adheres to the surface of the implant. The implant is ussually made of a biocompatible metal called titanium. Once the implant adheres to the bone, is can serve the function of an artificial root, and help hold one tooth, several teeth (with several implants) or a loose denture.
An implant that is made of zirconia instead of titanium, has been developed and seems promising for those patients with a true allergy to metals.

What do dental implants cost in West Palm Beach?

"What is the price of dental implants?" is the most common question we get, and the hardest to answer. A dental implant is only a part of a dental surgical procedure, and the only way to give an accurate fee is after the dentist does an exam and x-rays to gather the necessary information. Some individuals may have deficient bone and might not be a candidate for implants without a preliminary bone graft. If you see an advertised price, you can be sure it is a way to get you in the office and is subject to change.

How many types of implants are there?

There are many types of implants, but I am only going to mention the four most frequently used, they are:

Cylindrical (root form) Implants
Mini Implants
Blade Implants
Subperiosteal Implants
Zirconia Implants
Disk Implants (not used in the US)

Cylindrical or Root Form Implants

The cylindrical or root form implants represent the majority of the implants used today due probably to the technique used to place and restore them. The procedure is as follows: The area is anesthetized and an incision is made to expose the bone where the implant will go. The site is prepared with special instruments that allow a tight fit when the implant is introduced in the bone. The implant is covered and the gums sutured. The sutures come out in about a week. These cylinders remain covered for a period of three to six months, after which they are uncovered and checked to verify that they are fused to the bone and a post or attachment is connected that comes out through the gums and is used to attach the tooth or denture.
Zirconia implants are root form implants, so they are in this category.

Mini Implants

Mini implants are narrower than regular implants and can be placed in areas where there the bone is not wide enough to place regular implants. .
They are le expensive to patients (about half of the cost of regular implants), can be placed without surgery,and many mini-implant procedures are completed in one visit. .
Dr. Boudet is one of many dentists that place mini-implants in West Palm Beach and has more than two decades of experience to help you. If you want more details about mini implants, please visit our Mini-Implants Page.

Blade Implants

The blade implants are used in cases where the bone is not wide enough for root form implants. The bone is prepared by making a slit instead of a round hole. They are used more commonly in the area of the molars in the lower jaw.

Subperiosteal Implant

The subperiosteal implant is used in cases where the individual has lost a lot of the bone due to the extraction of the teeth, and does not have enough to place a blade or a cylinder. It is almost always done in the lower jaw. The incision exposes a large area of bone and an impression is taken of the exposed bone (a technique involving a CAT-scan and computerized fabrication of a model of the jaw may be used if the patient want to avoid the bone impression surgery). The implant is made in the laboratory, and it consists of a metal framework that is placed nder the gums on top of the bone during a second surgery approximately one month after the first one. This implant is used to support a lower denture.

How are implants used?

There are several ways as shown in the following paragraphs:

Implants for Single Tooth Replacement

Any person that has lost a tooth or molar can have that replaced by an implant, assuming there remains enough bone to place an implant, but even if there is not enough bone, the surgeon can augment it with a graft. Your physician may also contraindicate the procedure if you are in poor health.

Implants to Replace Several Teeth

Two or three implants can be used to replace several teeth with an implant-supported bridge, same as with natural teeth.

Implants to Hold or Support a Denture

When all the teeth are missing, several implants can be placed to help hold a denture.

How long do implants last?

The available research shows that they last many years. The longevity of the implant may be affected by factors like the level of oral hygiene in the mouth, regular maintenance by the dentist, the functional forces that it is subjected to during eating, clenching or grinding habits, etc... Implants cannot get cavities, but the bacteria in the mouth can adhere to them just like natural teeth, and if not cleaned, can promote the loss of the bone that supports it and lead to the eventual loss of the implant. As with any biological procedure, there is no guarantee.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Any person that has lost teeth or molars is a candidate. The only obstacle would be the amount of bone in the area of the proposed implant, but even if there is not enough bone, the surgeon can augment it with a graft. Your physician may also contraindicate the procedure if you are in poor health.

I have a loose lower denture. How can implants help me?

There are many ways that implants can help when you have a loose lower denture. The first and one of the most economical ways is to place four mini implants and fit attachments to your existing denture to help hold it in place.
A second way is to place two regular implants and use them to hold a denture with attachments also.
Another way is to place four or five implants connected by a bar and rest the denture on the bar. This is more comfortable and secure than a denture resting on your gums.
You can place more implants and also have a denture that is not removable except by the dentist.
We can help you make a decision about what treatment option best fits your needs.

Does it hurt a lot?

The majority of patients report that the discomfort after the surgery is no more severe than after an extraction. It seems logical that the more complicated the implant surgery is, the more likely to cause some discomfort. When discomfort is anticipated, a prescription for analgesic medication is able to handle it nicely.
If you would like to see a video of Dr Boudet uncovering a dental implant through the dental microscope using the laser, please click here: Laser uncovering of a dental implant using the Waterlase laser and dental microscope.

If you have questions about implants, implant related procedures, or are considering having implants placed,
please call our office at (561) 968 6022 for a FREE consultation.